During over 20 years of ministry, Overcomers Outreach Ministries Inc. (Overcomers Ministries) has benefited greatly from partner support and involvement. In fact, we see our partners as an extension of the ministry itself – we cannot do it without them!

“I’m encouraged by the existence of and the ongoing effectiveness of Overcomers Ministries, I admire Gordon and Sheila Thayer, I admire their perseverance, I admire their commitment to the Lord…”
Pastor John Piper
Bethlehem Baptist Church
Minneapolis, MN
“Overcomers Ministries reaches Native American friends in a most unique and effective way. Gordon and Sheila Thayer have demonstrated longtime faithfulness and effectiveness in their calling to provide the pure Gospel message accompanied by acts of love and compassion…”
Rev. Steven Goold
New Hope Church
New Hope, MN
“Our partnership with Overcomers Ministries has been a faith building adventure for our Celebrate Recovery ministry…”
Pastor Steven Yeschek
Evangelical Free Church of Crystal Lake
Crystal Lake, IL
“Way of the Lord Church supports Gordon and Sheila Thayer’s work with Overcomers Ministries. I and my wife, Kathy, have supported Overcomers on a regular basis.”
Rev. Ivan Schalla
Way of the Lord Church
Minneapolis, MN
“… Gordon and Sheila Thayer … are people of great integrity and godly character and I have witnessed firsthand the tremendous effectiveness of their ministry.”
Rev. Dave Gibson
Grace Church
Eden Prairie, MN
“Wooddale church is pleased to claim Overcomers Ministries as a partner in ministry.”
Rev. Tom Correll
Wooddale Church
Eden Prairie, MN

Overcomers Outreach Ministries Inc. works with others who have a servant’s heart to help build up the faith and the lives of Native Americans through the community of Christ. We would love to talk to you about how we can partner together!

At Overcomers Outreach Ministries Inc., we greatly appreciate those of you who have helped us minister to Native Americans, both in the United States, and in Canada. Blessings to you, partners! We look forward to continued years of service with you!
~ Gordon and Sheila Thayer

Partner Contact Information

Hope Presbyterian Church
Ms Peggy Turnbull Missions Coordinator
7132 Portland Avenue South
Richfield MN 55432
(612) 866 -4055 ext. 132