14947825_1309839232389194_3425396013277803690_nAt Overcomers Outreach Ministries Inc. (Overcomers Ministries), we help Native American Indians stop addictive behaviors and become positive role models for their family, friends, and communities. Most importantly, we lead people to live a Christ Centered Life. Overcomers Ministries is a Twin Cities-based nonprofit organization founded in 1988.

Meeting Physical Needs

Overcomers Ministries has developed the skills and experience to effectively meet the physical needs of Native American Indians struggling with addiction and related issues such as homelessness and health issues.

Meeting Spiritual Needs

Furthermore, Overcomers Ministries addresses clients’ spiritual needs by providing mentoring, discipleship and Bible study opportunities to help clients develop faith in Jesus Christ.

Helping Clients to Comfort Others

As clients look to Jesus Christ as their source of strength and hope for eternal life, clients can then comfort others as they have been comforted.

Children and Families

Overcomers Ministries reaches out to children and families and advocates for the welfare of all Native Americans in Minnesota.